Lower Colorado River- Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation

“Reclamation will collect data from the acoustic stations and provide it to the offeror for analysis. The contractor will process and analyze the data from all stations using Titley Analook software filters provided by Reclamation. The contractor may use additional methods to analyze the data if approved by Reclamation. In 2015, there was data from nine stations. It is anticipated that a new station will be added in 2016 (10 stations), 2017 (11 stations), and 2018 (12 stations). The offeror should expect to analyze calls collected every night from June 01-August 31 of each year of the contract (2015-2018) for all stations that collected data in each year. Less data may be provided if data loss occurs due to station malfunctions” (grants.gov)


  • Funding Number– BOR-LC-16-003
  • Closing Date– Mar 16, 2016
  • Award Ceiling– $300,000
  • Number of Expected Awards– 1
  • Eligibility– Any Federal, Interstate, Intrastate, State, and Local agencies, Public/Private organization/nonprofit institution, State Colleges or Universities, Public/Private Colleges or Universities, or Federally recognized Indian Tribes (see full announcement)
  • More Informationgrants.gov
  • Additional Help & Information– Diana Blake Grants Officer/ Grants Management Specialist Phone 702-293-8550 dmblake@usbr.gov


all information for this grant and post from grants.gov