Develop Climate Change Adaptation Analysis

“This Funding Opportunity seeks proposals to develop a thorough analysis of the current policies, mandates, institutional relationships and practices that affect decisions and actions by conservation entities in Hawaii regarding climate change adaptation, and recommendations for potential improvements. The results of this analysis will help the member organizations of the PICCC to more efficiently implement climate change adaptation in conservation. Key components of the final analysis will include 1) For public entities, the legal authorities and policies relevant to climate adaptation, 2) Formal and informal planning processes used within each entity, 3) Current uses of climate change information in management planning, 4) Management relationships among entities, 5) Perceptions by managers of constraints on climate adaptation, 6) An evaluation of existing barriers and opportunities for circumventing them.” (

  • Funding Number– F16AS00151
  • Closing Date– Jun 01, 2016
  • Funding Category– Environment, Information and Statistics, Natural Resources, Science and Technology and other Research and Development
  • Award Ceiling– $50,000
  • Number of Expected Awards– 1
  • Eligibility– Unrestricted (see full announcement)
  • More Information
  • Additional Help and Information– Grants Assistant Connie Sauer 503-872-2826 

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