Project Grant Program- Freshwater Future

“The Project Grants Program provides grant awards ranging from $500 to $3,500 (USD) to be used for specific project expenses. The Project Grants Program is Freshwater Future’s original grant-making program. These awards are to be used for grassroots* project expenses that promote water resource protection and restoration by influencing community and/or individual behavior or opinions, corporate conduct, and/or public policies; and to strengthen the role of individuals and community groups working locally to protect and restore shorelines, inland lakes, rivers, and wetlands in the Great Lakes Basin.” (

  • Closing Date– September 30, 2016
  • Eligibility– Applicants must be a current organizational member of Freshwater Future
  • Applications Submission– Electronically to
  • Priority Funding Areas– (
    • Projects to protect and restore wetlands that will result in ongoing or positive permanent change in the habitat
    • On-the-ground restoration activities that include an action component to create permanent change (a small amount of funding for this area)
    • Advocating for low-impact solutions to community storm water issues
    • Participation in land use planning and zoning
    • Participation in watershed planning
    • Watch-dogging and participating in the development, implementation, and enforcement of local, state, provincial, and federal aquatic habitat protection regulations
    • Non-partisan voter education, voter registration, and candidate forums
    • Advocating for naturally functioning river and coastal ecosystems
    • Reducing polluted runoff
    • Launching special initiatives or creating unique opportunities to strengthen citizen involvement in aquatic habitat protection and restoration
    • Communicating how local wetlands, lakes and rivers are interconnected in the Great Lakes Basin

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