Our Work

Here at IMRivers we work to provide local and national level watershed organizations with web and mobile based mapping technology.  Some of our previous work and projects are listed below

San Diego River Park Foundation

We made an interactive map for the San Diego River Park Foundation that helps them with their habitat surveying and cleanup activities. These types of interactive maps are a great way to visual environmental problems and assist in restoring your community. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.01.04 AM

Galveston Bay Action Network

IMRivers recently worked with the Galveston Bay Foundation to create a pollution monitoring application for the Galveston Bay in Texas.  This application allows the public to assist in pollution monitoring by reporting water pollution incidents using their smartphone.  After a pollution incident location is uploaded, an alert email is automatically sent to GBF staff so that action can be taken. Click here to see the map.

gis vertices map river bay texas gis mapping

River Network

The River Network is a national organization dedicated to the protection and preservation or our countries’ rivers and watersheds.  We worked with River Network to create a nationwide, interactive map.  This map contains river & watershed data, along with the location of River Network Offices and other points of interest.  Click here to view the map.

gis vertices map river network mappler community mapping

Mississippi River Water Trail

We created a trail map to highlight important points along the Mississippi. With the ability of customization with Mappler, we added attributes such as access points, camping spots, boat launches, parks, scenic points, and more. This map can be access on Web and mobile Web, making it easy to follow the trail. Click here to view the map.

mrt mississippi trail vertices gis trail map hiking boat

Rain Barrel Registry

IMRivers worked with the River Network once again to create a registry of rain barrels across the country.  A rain barrel is a system to collect and utilize rain water.  Using Mappler, we created an interactive map where users can see the locations of rain barrels across the country and add their own rain barrel to the site if they wish.  This project was funded in part by The Coca-Cola Company. Click here to view the map.















NJ Highlands Council Stormwater Management (Outfall Mapping)

We are working with the NJ Highlands Council to help them map outfall areas in various towns. This is important for stormwater management, in order to monitor any overflow areas. By using Mappler, data on these outfalls can be collected so much faster because they can use their smartphone to upload outfall points just by signing in! Data is uploaded real-time and shared to the map, and it includes information on the particular outfall and a photo. Click here to view the site.

gis vertices outfall rain water map mapping gis community map smartphone